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A  Air Conditioner in the Hot Corpus Christi weather is not a luxury, it’s a necessity! So your all hot and sweaty because your Air Conditioner has quit. Where do you start to get reliable quotes? Read this page and then complete the FreeAir Conditioner quote service Air conditioner quote and Survey Box above. That is all you need to do!

Air Conditioner Repair or Replace?

Is it repairable? In General your unit will only have around a Ten year economical lifespan. I know you have probably had yours for 15+ years and yes, most makes will last for that period of time, so why am I saying 10 years? The answer is Energy usage. After ten hard years generally cost more to run than replace. The cost of repair can be huge, so when do you say “Enough with the repair bills” ?

AC Choice

There are a multitude of systems in the market place and most companies will be offering the same makes and models. So how do you choose who to purchase your new system from?
Price, although important is not the only consideration. Service should be just as important a consideration. To explain why let me ask you a question.
You purchase a system from a local self employed engineer or company, you chose them because they were 25% cheaper than a national corporation. Two years later your system breaks down. Oh well you say, I call the contractor. The ods of the contractor still being in business are only 64% likely and after 4 years they would be less than 50%. So if were unlucky enough to purchase from the percentage that disappeared, what happens to the promised warranty?
The manufacturers warranty is always subject to correct installation, so now you have to hope the contractor who disappeared installed the unit correctly if not you are now facing repair bills!

Buying from a national corporation my be more expensive initially but you will have a warranty that you can rely on. You will also find that national corporations are more likely to be a manufacturer preferred installer. This means a simple call and your engineer is booked.


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